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The Name...

The Phoenicians were among the first inhabitants of Syros and the ones who eventually named the island. There are two possible explanations of the word Syros: either it comes from the word “Ousoura” or “Ousyra”, which in Phoenician means happy, or from the word “Syr” which means rock. Syros is also mentioned by Homer with the name Syrii.

Syros is not just another beautiful island, but an island with a vibrant culture and a strong passion for arts. Therefore, visitors should not neglect visiting museums and galleries, but should also relish walking around picturesque streets of traditional villages, and exploring gorgeous beaches and impressive caves.

Foinikas village

Foinikas village is ​​a settlement on the southwest side of the island, which is 12 km from the capital Ermoupolis. In ancient times, it was the port of the Phoenicians, from whom it got its name. Today, it is considered rural and tourist village. It features an organized beach, a few small beaches, shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels.
The Palm Bay is the only natural port of Syros after that of Syros and is a haven for small tourist and fishing vessels as well as the morphology protects it from the strong north winds.

To the west of the village is organized marina serving sailors throughout the year. Nearby, there is Kokkina, a small and quiet beach. Also on the Psahno beach,traces of Cycladic civilization have been found.
Foinikas village there is the church of St. Panteleimon, which conducted a great festival of the locals on the day of the feast (July 27).
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How to get in Syros island



You can fly to Syros island via Athens or Thessaloniki airport. The flight time is about 30 min. The airport of Syros is about 6 km away from Ermoupolis. Outside the airport there are busses and taxi to get you around the island.

Air companies: 


There are ferries to Syros from Piraeus, the main port of Athens, every day. In summer season, there are also ferries to Syros from the port of Rafina, the closest port to Athens international airport. As Syros is located centrally in the Aegean Sea, it has ferry connections with many other islands of the Aegean Sea, such as Mykonos, Andros, Tinos, Ikaria, Lesvos and more. The port of Syros is at Ermoupolis.

Ferry companies: 


Police: (+30) 22810 96100
Syros Port Authorities: (+30) 22810 88888
Syros Airport: (+30) 22810 79542, 22810 79544
Hospital: (+30) 22813 60500, 22810 96500, 22810 86666
Buses: 22810 82575
Taxi: 22810 88222

Syros Hiking Team: www.hikingteam.gr 
Salt Water Divers: www.swdivers-syros.gr



Γνωριμία με τη Σύρο - Discover Syros







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